Value and quality, on time

Being the definitive leader in the wall covering industry is not something we take for granted. As such, Revêtements Agro attaches great importance to continuous improvement. We are always on the lookout for new products and use our collective strengths and experience to guarantee high-value deliverables, all while respecting your construction project’s critical timeline. To this end, Agro always maintains over a million dollars in finished goods inventory of all types, ready for immediate delivery.

We’re proud to offer and maintain the highest vendor rating in our industry for on-time delivery of wall coverings, which is no small feat in a marketplace prone to sudden surges in activity. Our client retention and loyalty is a clear reflection of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. For your new construction projects to be on time and successful, Revêtements Agro is a supply chain partner you can count on, with a long and impeccable track record.

Whether you are building new locations or updating your current facilities, let one of our industry-specific consultants take all the guesswork out of this important aspect of your construction project. Contact your Agro representative today to have your wall-covering needs met to your complete satisfaction.

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