Corrugated fiberglass sheets and wall panels, smooth or textured
Corrugated fiberglass panels
Available moldings
0.060 mm smooth = 4′ or 5′ x Desired length

0.090 mm smooth = 4′ x Desired length

0.060 mm textured = 4′ or 5′ x Desired length

0.090 mm textured = 4′ or 8′ x Desired length

Available in a smooth or textured (orange peel) finish, fiberglass panels provide numerous advantages for a wide range of applications. To satisfy our clients’ diverse needs, we offer wall panels, fiberglass reinforced panels, exterior fiberglass panels as well as fiberglass roofing sheets and corrugated fiberglass panels.

Quality materials with lots of benefits!

Our fiberglass panels are made from a blend of polyethylene, fiberglass and resin. They last forever and are stronger than other materials such as plywood, gypsum board and sheet metal. What’s more, fiberglass sheets and fiberglass boards deliver excellent value for money.

Lightweight and easy to handle, fiberglass panels are flexible and resistant to stains, acids, solvents and abrasion. In addition, installation requires no specialized tools: simply glue or rivet them to any non-porous surface. Our insulated wall panels also offer excellent thermal insulation.

All these qualities make them the perfect choice for walls and ceilings in practically any work setting. They are suitable for both dry and damp environments, for the food and beverage industry, as well as for the institutional, industrial and residential sectors.

Virtually maintenance-free, our fiberglass sheets can be easily washed with soap and water. Their most important quality is their watertightness, which is a vital feature in bathrooms, laundry rooms and car washes. Our exterior fiberglass panels are ideal for recreational vehicles, and our fiberglass roof panels can be used for trailers. Moreover, reinforced fiberglass panels are inert to temperature fluctuations, making them extremely well suited for such environments.

Designed for demanding applications

In addition, our smooth and textured fiberglass wall panels meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point — a method for ensuring the safety and suitability of the food chain) requirements for contact with foodstuffs, by virtue of other properties such as resistance to mildew, rot and corrosion. These fiberglass panels are the preferred material for any environment where hygiene requirements are a priority, including restaurants, kitchens, food preparation areas and cold rooms.

Customized service

To best meet our clients’ specific needs and minimize waste, we offer fiberglass sheets in a variety of widths and thicknesses that can be cut to the desired length. We also carry FM-certified fire-resistant fiberglass panels, which are a must for high-risk environments. To find out more, please visit our Fire-resistant fiberglass page.

  • Stain-, mold-, and moisture-resistant
  • Smooth or textured finish
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion proof
  • HACCP-compliant
  • Product of the United States
  • Approved by Agriculture Canada
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Food industry (cold rooms, walk-in freezers, food preparation areas, dish areas)
  • Residential (bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, workshops)
  • Commercial (restaurants, kitchens, butcher shops, refrigerated trucks and trailers, carwashes)
  • Institutional (hospitals, schools, laboratories, hallways)
  • Industrial (slaughterhouses, food-processing and storage facilities)
PDF Documents
Technical Sheet, 6223
Technical Sheet, 6230
Technical Sheet, 6247
Technical Sheet, 65020
Technical Sheet (smooth and textured)
Composite Glass Panels
Government approval
Installation guide
Technical Sheet (mouldings)

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