Fire-resistant fiberglass

Premium fireproof fiberglass for ultimate protection
Available moldings
0.060 mm smooth = 4′ or 5′ x Desired length

0.090 mm smooth = 4′ x Desired length

0.060 mm textured = 4′ or 5′ x Desired length

0.090 mm textured = 4′ or 8′ x Desired length

Nowadays, safety is paramount. Fire prevention is a top priority in many environments, including the workplace and leisure facilities. Construction standards have evolved with this in mind and are increasingly strict to ensure the health and safety of users of buildings and structures, such as employees, residents and visitors. To meet the growing needs of our clients from a wide range of industries, we have adapted our product offering to comply with these new requirements through our fire-resistant fiberglass panels.

Unmatched performance

Flexible and lightweight, our fireproof fiberglass panels are easy to handle and install. They feature unrivalled durability and are impervious to stains, acids and solvents. Heat-resistant as well as fire-resistant, they are FM-certified and meet HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point — a method for ensuring the safety and suitability of the food chain) requirements thanks to their properties that prevent mildew and corrosion. This makes them particularly well suited to the catering and food industries, or any other environment where hygiene and fire prevention requirements are critical.

Designed for a wide range of applications

Just like our regular fiberglass sheets, our flame-retardant fiberglass panels are made from a blend of polyethylene, fiberglass and resin, which are complemented by a heat- and fire-resistant additive.

Our fire-resistant fiberglass panels are the ideal material for any application requiring a low degree of flame propagation. This makes them an excellent solution not only for commercial buildings, but especially for food-processing structures, including abattoirs, butcheries, restaurant kitchens and food production plants.

Guarantee of safety

FM Approvals is a recognized worldwide independent certification body for loss prevention. The FM certification of our fire-retardant fiberglass panels is a guarantee of safety and compliance with the highest fire protection standards.

Customized panels

To best meet our clients’ specific needs and keep losses to a minimum, we also provide fiberglass sheets in a variety of widths and thicknesses while cutting them to the desired length.

  • Fire and heat resistant - FM Certification
  • Stain-, mold-, and moisture-resistant
  • Smooth or textured finish
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion proof
  • HACCP-compliant
  • Product of the United States
  • Approved by Agriculture Canada
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Food industry (cold rooms, walk-in freezers, food preparation areas, dish areas)
  • Commercial (restaurants, kitchens, butcher shops, refrigerated trucks and trailers, carwashes)
  • Industrial (slaughterhouses, food-processing and storage facilities)

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