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Since 1991, Revêtements Agro has been Canada’s exclusive distributor of Sika sealants and adhesives. Sika products are widely used in industrial, fenestration, marine and transportation applications. Consistently the best choice for the most highly demanding applications, such as those of the transportation industry, Sika adhesives can be found in trucks, trailers, buses, ambulances, trains, agricultural and other specialty vehicles. Working fleets, particularly in Quebec, are subject to the worst of ongoing conditions, including vibration and jolting from uneven road surfaces, flexing, humidity and extreme variations in operating temperature. In interior paneling applications, Sika adhesives provide a wall-to-vehicle bond so strong and durable that they actually increase the torsional rigidity of the vehicle’s structure, while also reducing noise and vibration for special-purpose vehicles. These properties not only make for longer lasting installations and extended vehicle life, but also the absence of rivets and mechanical fasteners means that Sika adhesives provide a cleaner appearance and easier to maintain interior surface. 

Sikaflex-252 polyurethane adhesive bonds and seals at the same time, with extremely high thixotropy for excellent gap-filling properties. Its one-part formulation has short tack time and very high-strength, load-bearing capacity. This high-performing SIKA product is particularly well suited for truck wall and ceiling panel applications, since it bonds with sheet metal, aluminum and even anodized, phosphated, chromated and zinc-plated components. Sikaflex-221 has high adhesion to many substrates and is a smart option for high-strength seals.

Agro also offers Sikaflex-521 UV, an adhesive sealant resistant to ultraviolet rays. Several tests have shown that this product has excellent adhesion and remains white without any yellowing. 

In addition, we carry the Sikaflex Marine range of sealants, Sikaflex 290, 291 and 295, ideal for boat repairs and caulking. This product can also be used to glue acrylic panels and windows.

Consult the product sheets or contact Agro today to find the best Sika installation products for your project.

  • High bond strength
  • Bonds and seals at the same time
  • Vibration damping
  • One-part formulation
  • Replaces rivets and mechanical fasteners
  • High thixotropy
  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Short tacking and curing time
  • Easily sanded and painted
  • Good gap-filling properties
  • Non-corrosive
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • European product

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