Smooth PVC wall panels for garage, laundry room and sanitary applications
Agro-Core plastic wall panel
Available moldings
16” x 8′-8′6”-10′-12′-14′-16′-20′ x 3/8”

Custom length for purchases of 100 or more boards

For contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike, Agro-Core PVC wall panels are an easy-to-install option for virtually any indoor wall and ceiling cladding project. With an installed cost roughly equivalent to that of painted plywood, PVC plastic sheets are a cost-effective construction material, offering excellent performance and bright, visually pleasing aesthetics. The glazed white finish of plastic wall panels is not only durable, but also UV-resistant, providing exceptional resistance to fading and yellowing from years of exposure to natural sunlight. The hard plastic sheets are also low-maintenance, easy to keep clean and water-resistant. What’s more, their hollow construction allows any water that does get trapped to drain easily, making PVC wall panels ideal for wet applications, such as in car washes. An additional benefit of their hollow construction is enhanced thermal insulation properties that standard plastic and fiberglass wall cladding solutions do not offer. 

The reflective, bright white finish of PVC laminate wall panels enhances indoor lighting, while giving a pleasing and clean aesthetic appearance. Combine all of these properties with the fact that PVC panels also have superior anti-bacterial performance and the result is a cladding material that is HACCP-compliant and well suited for use in the food industry.

The Agro-Core garage interior wall covering is screwed every 16" into the wood or metal studs. This PVC interior covering can also be screwed into the joints, providing a neat finish without any visible screws on the walls. The installation of this PVC panel is quick, reducing labour costs. Our wide array of lengths allows us to avoid horizontal joints for a seamless finish.

  • Lightweight, quick and easy to install
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to stains, mildew, humidity and shocks
  • Joint-free design with no visible fasteners
  • Approved by USDA and Agriculture Canada
  • Good fire resistance (Class A)
  • High UV protection
  • Product of Quebec
  • Residential (garage, laundry room)
  • Commercial (car wash, agricultural building)
  • Institutional (food processing plant)
  • Industrial (slaughterhouse, cold room)
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