The Agro story: Excellence in wall paneling products, services and business leadership


1987: The Beginning

Revêtements Agro’s enviable history of success and growth in the wall paneling industry began in 1987 when Michel and Rock Marcoux acquired Agro-115. Agro-115 was a small but well-established business, making plastic wall panels and accessories to meet the growing demand in the Quebec food industry’s construction marketplace. This initial acquisition was the first of many sound business decisions in a long journey of success. The Marcoux’s leadership and vision would see Agro continually expand its operations to ultimately become Eastern Canada’s premier provider of wall paneling products and accessories, truck bed liners and all related services. As a company with over 30 years of continued growth in the wall paneling marketplace, Agro is a flourishing, solid performer, while still remaining a family-run and privately held company.

The favorable investment climate of the late ‘80s, combined with Michel and Rock’s innate business instincts, would set the stage for a success story, in which Agro quickly rose to become the envy of the wall paneling industry.

1988: Diversification

Early in the company’s history, Michel and Rock Marcoux would make their foray into the transportation market. It would not take long for Agro to establish itself as a major player in this sector, with the sale and installation of interior truck wall panels and bed liners. This new product line would prove to be a strong performer for Agro, as there were numerous benefits in having a local provider of such products and services to truck owner-operators.

1990: Expanding facilities, capabilities and product lines

Within only a few years of operation, the ever-increasing demand for their growing range of durable wall paneling products saw Agro-115 rapidly outgrow its physical facilities and relocate to a larger location in Ange-Gardien. The new location brought about significant increases, not only in production capacity, but also in warehousing space. Michel and Rock Marcoux leveraged this latest investment, infusing the company’s growing working capital to steadily build up finished goods inventory levels, making sure that Agro-115 was always able to meet demands during surges in construction activity within their growing base of high-profile clients.

Agro-115 would also expand its range of available wall paneling options by investing in new technology and machinery. New offerings included laminated plywood and rigid insulation panels. These new products further expanded Agro’s market share by providing materials for the agricultural market sector.

Leveraging the manufacturing experience accrued since Agro commenced operations, production of these newest wall paneling products was executed under the strictest of quality control standards. This ensured that Agro’s newest offerings would meet the high standards of quality and durability that Agro customers had already come to expect.

1991: Exclusive Canadian distributorship of Sika products

1991 marked an important milestone in Agro’s history, when the Marcoux’s successfully negotiated an agreement that would see Agro-115 become the exclusive Canadian distributor of SIKA products. Several essential properties make Sika the highest-performing and most sought-after adhesive for both industrial applications and the wall paneling industry. This latest development would further bolster Agro-115’s position as Eastern Canada’s market leader in high-quality wall paneling materials and accessories.

1996: Thinking bigger… again

1996 marked the launch of Laminage Agro, a new sector-centric division, catering to the specific wall paneling needs of the agricultural market sector.

Shortly thereafter, the leadership team at Agro-115 would once again find itself in the envious predicament of having outgrown its manufacturing and distribution infrastructure. Michel and Rock Marcoux would seek out a new location yet again. Previous lessons learned and forward thinking resulted in criteria for a new location to include sufficient real estate to expand their facilities further in the future, without the need to physically relocate. They found what they were looking for back home in Granby, which has been their permanent base of operations for almost three decades now... and counting!

2010: A big year in many ways

2010 would prove to be a banner year as Agro-115’s leadership invested heavily in new types of machinery, again allowing it to manufacture new product lines from other types of raw materials. Acquisitions included extruder technologies as well as machinery to fuse plastic panels together for an expanding range of paneling and bed liner solutions available to the transportation sector.

Also in 2010, Agro-115 would incorporate and change the company’s name to Revêtements Agro Inc. At the same time, a substantial rebranding initiative was undertaken to better reflect Agro's stature in the wall paneling marketplace, including the commissioning of a new corporate website.

Today: Eastern Canada’s leading wall-panel resource

With over 30 years of experience, success and growth behind them, Revêtements Agro has positioned itself as eastern Canada’s premier manufacturing, distribution and installation resource for high-quality wall paneling solutions. Our success and resulting growth have never come at the expense of the personalized customer service that you can expect from a family-run organization.

Contact your Agro representative today. All of us at Revêtements Agro thank you for every opportunity to make you a fully satisfied client.

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