Natural UHMW

Long-lasting solution for protecting asphalt and paving stones
120” x Desired length

¾’’ or 1 ¼’’

Natural UHMW is typically applied under snowblower or tractor blades to protect asphalt or paving stones in yards. Featuring an ultra-strong abrasion resistance, the product comes in white and has an excellent service life. It is available in a 10-foot length by any width and has two different thicknesses: three-quarter inch or one and a quarter inch. In addition, entire 4-by-10-foot sheets can be ordered upon request.

This product is very popular in both the spring and fall, so we always keep it in stock. If you want to keep your asphalt and paving stones looking good while reducing the wear and tear on your snowblower or tractor, then natural UHMW is what you need! Don’t hesitate to contact our product service experts for more information.

  • Two thicknesses: ¾" and 1"¼
  • Any width
  • 10-foot length
  • In any place with high abrasion
  • Under snowblower or tractor blades
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Technical Sheet

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