Sealants and adhesives
Manus-Bond 501-A
  • 75-AM - 300ml (tube) and 600ml (sausage)
    - Color: Several colors available
  • 76-AM - 300ml (tube) and 600ml (sausage)
    - Color: White, gray and black
  • 25-AM - 300ml (tube) and 600ml (sausage)
    - Color: White, gray and black
  • 501-A - 300ml (tube)
    - Color: White, gray and black
  • 50-A - 300ml (tube)
    - Color: White
  • 64-A - Roulette
    - Color: Several colors available
    - Several length available
    - Several width available

Revêtements Agro is proud to distribute a full range of Manus-Bond adhesives and sealants, serving the construction, industrial, agricultural and transportation market sectors. Since 1959, Manus has been at the forefront of the North American marketplace, ever-strengthening its reputation by delivering innovative, high-quality products. Providing superior performance over a long list of critical properties, Manus-Bond products ensure easy and long-lasting installations of all types of materials in a variety of applications. For a great many reasons, Manus-Bond 75-AM Industrial Grade adhesive is a preferred material for use in wall and ceiling paneling installation projects. As with all Manus products, it offers excellent adhesive to virtually any substrate likely to be found in your construction project, including aluminum, glass, wood, plastics and even painted surfaces. Even in lower temperature environments, Manus-Bond 75-AM is a fast-curing adhesive that remains flexible and resists sag. 

Manus-Bond 75-AM Ultra Clear is a next-generation sealant that provides higher performance than traditional silicone and urethane products, while being more environmentally friendly. 

Agro also distributes related products, such as Manus-Bond 64-A Polysui-Grip Tape with similar adhesive performance on the same wide range of substrates, both porous and non-porous. Adhesion improves with age and remains permanently flexible, even at low temperatures. We also offer a structural glue, Manus 25-AM, which is more resistant but less elastic than Manus-Bond 75-AM.

Consult the product sheets or contact Agro today to find the best Manus installation products for your project.

  • Non-staining
  • Non-sagging
  • High tensile strength
  • Short tack-free time
  • Non-corrosive
  • Short tacking and curing time
  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Transportation (trucks, trailers, buses, ambulances)
  • Construction (sealing vinyl, fiberglass, polycarbonate)
  • Industrial (slaughterhouses, waste disposal rooms, food storage facilities)
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