Polycarbonate sheets and plastic roof panels
Agro polycarbonate panels
Double wall: 48’’ x 144’’ (bronze et transparent)

Double wall: 48’’ x 276’’ ou 48’’ x 300’ (opal)

Single wall: 49’’ x 192’’ (opal, transparent, grey, bronze, Heatguard)

Agro’s polycarbonate panels are engineered to meet the demands of commercial and agricultural daylight applications. Polycarbonate sheets optimize natural sunlight in greenhouses and are available in single- and double-wall construction. Polycarbonate gazebo roof panels provide a layer of thermal insulation, making them an ideal solution for residential solarium applications as well. This combination of properties makes for energy efficient structures, decreasing artificial lighting requirements and lowering demand on climate control systems at the same time. Polycarbonate roof gazebo sheets, the material used for aircraft windscreens, are an ideal glazing, cladding and roofing material, with long weathering and UV-resistant performance characteristics. 

With the largest inventory of polycarbonate sheets in Quebec, we offer them in several shades to best meet your needs. Installation is easy and can be done by a contractor or handyman.

Agro also distributes corrugated polycarbonate sheets for roofing and ceiling applications in any type of structure where a lightweight material is needed, while also being sturdy and durable. These properties, combined with ease of installation, make Agro corrugated plastic roof panels the choice of do-it-yourselfers for roofing projects around the home and garden.

  • Does not absorb odors
  • Corrosion proof
  • Stain, mold and moisture resistant
  • Smooth and easy-to-clean surface
  • Product of Quebec
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Hog houses
  • Kennels
  • Cold storage rooms / walk-in fridges and freezers
  • Waste disposal rooms
  • Barns/stables
  • Gazebo / solarium / greenhouses
PDF Documents
Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet - Multiwall

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