Fibreglass suspended ceiling tiles
Agro-Esk fiberglass ceiling tiles
Available moldings
Suspended 2′ x 2’ ceiling tiles or 2’ x 4′ ceiling tiles

The Agro-Esk suspended ceiling system offers a natural or white aluminum suspension and features plain or textured fiberglass tiles. The final installation of the tiles is followed by a sealing process (ceiling tiles can also be laminated on rigid insulation for refrigerated rooms or other substrates).

The primary advantage of suspended fiberglass ceiling tiles is that they are easy to maintain and clean. They come in two finishes: smooth or embossed (orange peel finish). Fire-resistant ceiling tiles are also available upon request.

  • Product of the United States
  • Approved by Agriculture Canada
  • Antibacterial surface
  • Highly resistant ceiling panels
  • Residential (home theatre, basement)
  • Commercial (restaurant, hog house, butcher shop)
  • Institutional (hospital, cafeteria, school)
  • Industrial (slaughterhouse, cold room)

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