Gazebo, solarium, greenhouse. One product, three applications.

Get ready for summer and choose polycarbonate panels for your gazebo, solarium or greenhouse.

With the warm weather on its way, people are looking forward to having a barbecue and eating outdoors. To make the most of these special occasions, it’s best to have a roof over your head. And that’s when you realize your gazebo’s canvas roof won’t last another year.

Have you had enough of changing the canvas of your gazebo?

Good news! Revêtements Agro offers a variety of polycarbonate sheets that are ideal for this application. Our high-quality products are sturdy, durable and allow for easy installation by a handyman. What’s more, since they are extremely weather and UV resistant, you’ll have peace of mind for years to come.

Worried about being hot under your polycarbonate gazebo roof?

No problem! Our polycarbonate gazebo panels provide great thermal insulation, which lets you enjoy your gazebo in any weather.

Not crazy about black?

Again, no need to worry. Our polycarbonate gazebo sheets are available in several shades to meet your needs. You can even match the colour of your roof to your garden furniture.

How about your solarium?

Thanks to its weather- and UV-resistant qualities and excellent thermal insulation, our polycarbonate corrugated roof panels and plastic roofing sheets are also ideal for residential solariums. In addition, this last feature will help reduce the need for air conditioning.

And let’s not forget your tomatoes!

Our polycarbonate panels and corrugated plastic roofing sheets are designed to maximize natural light in greenhouses and come in single or double wall. Their energy efficiency reduces reliance on artificial light, allowing your fruits and vegetables to grow in an ideal environment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our corrugated polycarbonate sheets and insulated roof panels. We also offer a free quote service.

Polycarbonate panel greenhouse

Polycarbonate panel greenhouse

Polycarbonate panel greenhouse

Polycarbonate panel gazebo

Polycarbonate panel gazebo

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