Installation of Glisse-Tout and Glisse-Tout Extra – a large-scale project

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HMW installation trailer

Available in several formats, our blue Glisse-Tout features high molecular weight (HMW) polyethylene, while the Glisse-Tout Extra is our ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) version.

Prior to installation, we must first measure the inside of the trailer box. Next, based on the materials to be transported and our recommendations, we determine the dimensions of the roll to be fused. The fusing time varies depending on the width and length of the roll. The fusing work for a 45-foot-long box takes approximately six hours. Installers remove the old material inside the trailer and then clean it. Once the trailer is ready, we lay the large roll of Glisse-Tout flat to cut the grooves to match the pattern, which will allow it to be folded at a 45-degree angle inside the trailer. A separate pattern will be cut for the cylinder cage. At this point the bulk of the work begins, namely installing the roll in the trailer. Since the piece here can be more than 45 feet in length, the manoeuvre can be quite complex. Once the roller is properly positioned, we weld the flat bars on the sides, screw down the floor and seal the grooves with a plastic weld. Next, we cut off the excess near the rear door. To finish the job, we apply a sealant where necessary to prevent the transported material from slipping under the liner and then clean the box. This type of installation requires 7 to 10 hours of work.

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HMW Installation

UMHW Installation

Installation UMHW trailer

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