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Being the definitive leader in the wall covering industry is not something we take for granted. That's why Revêtements Agro attaches great importance to continuous improvement and is always searching for and developing new products to stay on the cutting edge. We use our collective strengths and experience to ensure high-value deliverables, all while respecting your construction project's critical timeline.

We're proud to offer and maintain the highest vendor rating in our industry for on-time delivery of wall coverings, which is no small feat in a marketplace prone to sudden surges in activity. Our client retention and loyalty fully reflect our commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction.

Revêtements Agro's enviable history of success and growth in the wall paneling industry began in 1987 when Michel and Rock Marcoux acquired Agro-115. At the time, Agro-115 was a small but well-established business, making plastic wall panels and accessories to meet the growing demand in the Quebec food industry's construction marketplace. This initial acquisition was the first of many sound business decisions in a long journey of success.

As early as 1988, Michel and Rock Marcoux would make their foray into the transportation market. Throughout the following decade, Revêtements Agro would see significant expansion of their facilities to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for their products. New product lines, broader distributorship and catering to specific sectors kept the company in such expansion mode that, by 1996, they were once again in need of larger facilities. Meanwhile, 2010 would prove to be a banner year as Agro-115's leadership invested heavily in new types of machinery, again allowing it to manufacture new product lines from other types of raw materials. Also in 2010, Agro-115 would incorporate and change the company's name to Revêtements Agro Inc.

Revêtements Agro maintains an extensive inventory of installation materials and accessories. Whatever the application, you'll have not only the highest quality wall and ceiling panels, but also all manner of accessories.

Our highly experienced project managers will be pleased to perform a site assessment and lend our expertise to ensure a successful project outcome. Depending on the application, we'll help you select the appropriate type and quantity of interior wall paneling, insulation, adhesives, sealants and related accessories for perfect fit and finish. We'll also make sure your materials conform to any hygiene requirements in your industry. Revêtements Agro carries several product lines that comply with all HACCP standards for proximity to foodstuffs.

With over 30 years of experience, success and growth behind them, Revêtements Agro has positioned itself as eastern Canada's premier manufacturing, distribution and installation resource for high-quality affordable interior wall covering solutions. Our success and resulting growth have never come at the expense of the personalized customer service that you can expect from a family-run organization.

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